Internship Student/Cooperative Education in Chiang Mai

We are one of the top software houses in Chiang Mai with over 11 years in business. We’re a modern and dynamic company with a flat hierarchy where you can make a difference and advance your career.

We welcome Internship Students or Cooperative Education to join us.

If you are a junior or senior student of Computer Science, Computer Engineering, Software Engineering, Information Technology Management or similar, and your passion is coding.


You will gain:

  • Actual work experience: the opportunity to work in a professional and realistic environment
  • Foundation for your career: the opportunity to make building blocks that you need for your future path
  • Strong resume: the opportunity to create a solid resume which will be more attractive to employers
  • Connection: the opportunity to interact with professionals by attending meetings and events
  • Time management: the opportunity to make every minute count while working in a fast-paced professional environment

Do not worry, our interns will not just fetch coffee and tea, make photocopies or pick up phone calls.
We are fully aware that an internship is a valuable investment for your future and a great tool to improve your opportunities, so we will provide a real working experience for you.

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