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WorldJobs, in collaboration with our partners, helps with housing. Either the company you are hiring for, or WorldJobs or your employer refers to a local homeowner. Once you find the home you want, WorldJobs will help you review your lease.

The expenses associated with housing are often – 1 month rent, 1 month deposit and either half or full month rent, in real estate fee. It may vary from dwelling to dwelling where some landlords will have 2-3 months deposit.

Most positions WorldJobs offers, deal with dialogue with Danish customers, over the phone. It’s only Danish companies WorldJobs refers employees to, so you get to work with other Danes. In some cases also Swedes and Norwegians.

Depending on where in the world you have to work, there are different working hours – this is due to the time difference in e.g. Philippines, Thailand and Costa Rica. No matter where in the world you work, a working week is no longer than the 37.5 hours you have in Denmark.

To go abroad and work, it requires that you have some pocket money, for deposit and food etc. the first month. As in Denmark, wages are paid at the end of the month. So it’s important to have money for the first month.

Most companies WorldJobs refer employees to help find a home for you, and several have direct employee housing where you can start renting a room and then find your own home later.

At WorldJobs, it is important that the employees we send out into the world get the best possible experience. Therefore, WorldJobs provides the highest possible service and is available 24/7. By ensuring that all employment and leasing contracts etc. is fine, we help ensure the employee does not get caught.

Salary abroad are often somewhat lower than in Denmark, but living expenses are often well below Danish prices. As most jobs WorldJobs refer candidates to are commission-based, it is important that you always have control over how much you should be paid. Number of hours you have been at work, how many sales or booked meetings you have made etc.